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  1. Buguser
    The free Dungeon-Mob Pack is now available!
  2. Buguser
    Working on the free Dungeon-MobPack including 20 mobs for your server! Should be released in the next days :)
  3. OreoKirby
  4. GammaRays
    New Way of Shields coming soon YEET
  5. MrBlockClock
    Wannabe Server Operator
  6. Aleon
  7. Barney
    Mass uploaded premium mobs, download link should be fixed now.
  8. Barney
    Hmmm, problems with old site to sell products, will be updating my resources to new links, please wait if the download links aren't working.
  9. GammaRays
    Boss Battle Time
  10. Zomblad
    «Well, hello there, stranger»... ͡≖ ͜ʖ ͡≖
  11. Ivan
    Ivan fontanson
    Здраствуй, какую версию LibDisguises и ProtocolLib надо, чтобы скины у Ваших мобов отображались корректно? Это же на майн 1.12.2 как я понял
    1. Ivan
      А все. Уже не надо, я нашел, спасибо за столько прекрасных мобов
      Oct 17, 2018
  12. Jeruviel
    Hi all! I just paid for premium for this to combine w/ SkillAPI for Necro class. Can I make specific mobs passive & player commandable?
  13. Lordfulger
    Owner of the ETO MC Server
  14. LegitRisk
    Developing a super sweet Skyblock Server
  15. CyanWave
    A person whose mind is filled with potatoes:%
  16. AppTheCat420
    Developing A server called Dark Paradise
  17. Boxzi
    Boxzi Awesome_Dante
    Hey, i'm trying to use DivineItemsRPG but i cant seem to figure out how it works with Mythicmobs maybe you could help me out? :D
    I have looked alot on the internet for a guide but there is no guide at all :/
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    2. Awesome_Dante
      I am familiar with the plugin, are you just trying to add drops?
      Sep 4, 2018
  18. koonpingth.
    koonpingth. Awesome_Dante
    How can i spawn dante boss with his sword on the floor and he comes out from the sky which command and which mob should i spawn?
    1. Awesome_Dante
      It should happen just by Spawning "Dante" if it doesn't work PM me and I will look at the code. I may have changed the intro name in an update
      Sep 4, 2018
  19. Keto Tone
  20. Douglas Mello
    Douglas Mello