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Minecraft 1.11 Support

Support for the latest release version of Minecraft, the 1.11 update, has been added to MythicMobs. This includes support for the interesting new mob types that have been added, and of course also the new particle effects!

Condition-System Revamp

The condition system of MythicMobs has undertaken some pretty nifty changes and we hope you guys will find it as fascinating and useful as we do! We have been putting quite some effort into quasi “remaking” it and are very happy with the newly found powers which it provides.

None of the conditions you were previously able to use with MythicMobs are gone - they are infact all still there and we even added a bunch of new ones. The most important part about this change is how the system now works and the new possibilites it offers:


NEW: TargetConditions

NEW: TriggerConditions

NEW: Condition Actions


NEW: Altitude Condition

NEW: Crouching Condition

NEW: FallSpeed Condition

NEW: Gliding Condition

NEW: LineOfSight Condition

NEW: OnGround Condition

NEW: Score Condition



NEW: Vindicator

  • Added the Vindication Illager aka Vindicator as supported MythicMob.

NEW: Evoker

  • Added the Evocation Illager aka Evoker as supported MythicMob.

NEW: Vex

  • Added the Vex as supported MythicMob.

NEW: Llama

  • Added the Llama aka Llama as supported MythicMob.


NEW: Interactable: [true/false]



NEW: SetHealth

NEW: SetMaxHealth


  • Added startYoffset attribute.


Target filters

  • Added samefaction to target filters.



  • Added support for the SPIT particles.


  • Added support for the TOTEM particles.

Other / Bugfixes

  • Fixed Potion item config not working for SPLASH_POTION and TIPPED_ARROW.
  • Fixed NPE in Threat mechanic
  • Threat table adjustments
  • Fixed issues with targeters
  • Fixed issue with faction tracking
  • Fixed monster target filter


Libs Disguises

  • Should now work with v9.0.9

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed despawning mobs being stored in the scoreboard
  • Fixed mobs not always unregistering from the scoreboard on death
  • Fixed JSONMessages on 1.10
  • Fixed ActionMessages with certain targeters
  • Fixed spawner leashing delay being too long
  • Fixed onInteract firing a 2nd time for the offhand on 1.9+



Minecraft 1.10 Support

2.5.0 is fully compatible with 1.10!

MiniaturePets Support

MythicMobs now supports the plugin MiniaturePets!

MiniaturePets allows you to create custom “pet” models using various tools, and now with MythicMobs, you can turn these custom pets into powerful bosses!

This opens up a huge amount of customization for your mobs.

Note that currently movement speed of pets cannot be modified, and that it is incredibly high. Hopefully the MPet developers will fix this in future.


Using MiniaturePets support is easy.

  Type: MPET
    Type: <type>
    Anchor: <invisible "base" mob type>
    ShowName: <true/false>

For example, you could create an AngryPug mob using the “Pug” mob type MPets has:

  Type: MPET
    Type: PUG
    Anchor: SPIDER
    ShowName: true
  Display: 'Angry Pug'


New Types

  • HUSK


  • Options.Invulnerable
  • Options.NoGravity

AI Goals

  • Fixed AI goal goToOwner not navigating vertically up blocks
  • Changed AI goal goToOwner argument from speed to follow distance
  • Added custom AI goal skeletonBowShoot
    • Implements skeleton's advanced bow and moving AI



NEW: PoseArmorStand

NEW: Remount

  • Remounts the mob the caster originally spawned riding, if it is still alive

NEW: SetGliding


NEW: EnderBeam

ItemSpray Effect

  • Added allowPickup option

Particle Effects

  • Added fallingdust particle



All targeters can now have filters to filter out what kind of entities you are trying to target.

There are used with two new options (available on ANY targeter):

  • ignore=X (the more useful of the two)
  • target=X (not as useful, most things are targeted by default)


  1. damage{a=20} @EntitiesInRadius{r=10;ignore=players,animals}

Possible filters include:

  • players
  • creative
  • spectators
  • NPC (Citzen NPCs)
  • animals
  • monsters
  • creatures
  • watermobs
  • flyingmobs
  • More coming later…

NEW: @Cone

Returns #points target locations that comprise a cone


  • angle - the angle of the cone
  • range - the range of the cone
  • points - the number of “points” that comprise the cone
  • rotation - the 360-degree rotation of the cone around the casting mob

NEW: @EntitiesInCone

Targets entities in a cone


  • angle - the angle of the cone
  • range - the range of the cone
  • rotation - the 360-degree rotation of the cone around the casting mob

NEW: @Line

Targets locations/points in a line (for creating line effects)

NEW: @EntitiesInLine

Targets all entities in a line

NEW: @Mount

Targets the mount that the mob spawned riding



  • Triggered the first time a mob is spawned from a spawner after the cooldown/warmup period has ended.
  • Does not trigger when the mob respawns (as opposed to onSpawn which triggers every time)
  • Can be used for things like announcing to the server a boss has spawned when combined with setting a spawner's checkForPlayers option to false


  • Triggered when any player in the world dies for any reason


NEW: MiniaturePets

Libs Disguises

  • Improved pre-1.9 LibsDisguises compatibility

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Added file path information to command /mm m info
  • Disabled friendly fire and threat for same-faction mobs
  • Fixed issue with ItemSpray effect
  • Fixed various spawner issues
  • Fixed bug with NoCheatPlus compatibility
  • Fixed PreventMobKillDrops clearing drops from players
  • Fixed threat tables being able to have negative threat values
  • Fixed creative or spectator mode players being put on threat tables
  • Fixed enchanted books not working properly
  • Fixed mobs being able to attack their owners
  • Fixed AI goal goToOwner not navigating vertically up blocks
  • Fixed ConcurrentModification issue with Projectile mechanic
  • Fixed ConcurrentModification issue with Missile mechanic
  • Fixed onHit Projectile, Missile, and Totem mechanics executing with 0 power
  • Fixed NPE in EquipmentManager
  • Fixed mob melee damage not being scaled with level
  • Fixed bug with targets bleeding between mechanics executed concurrently
  • Fixed bug with targets bleeding between mechanics executed concurrently
  • Fixed SpinEffect animator running async
  • Fixed mob name not displaying variables on death
  • Fixed BossBar title text not displaying variables



  • Added <drops.mcmmo> variable for McMMO experience drops/strings

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed various spawner issues with duplicating mobs
  • Fixed warmup on spawners not working correctly
  • Fixed mobs losing their type after chunk unload when Despawn is set to false
  • Fixed threat tables continuing to target offline players
  • Removed unnecessary dependencies



  • Updated to support Minecraft v1.9.4


  • Updated LibsDisguises support to v9.0.5


Armor Stands

  • NEW: Added Poses tag for armor stands


  • NEW: Added Options.Marker:[true/false] for armor stands

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Removed debugging code that was spamming the console
  • Fixed hoppers picking up items from ItemSpray effect
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in ProjectileMechanic
  • Fixed error caused by air block items
  • Fixed error caused by Attack Speed on mobs not supporting it
  • Fixes for drop tables and equipment
  • Fixed Options.NoAI on 1.8.8
  • Fixed NPE in projectile mechanic
  • Fixed drop tables ignoring Item amount settings if MinItems was set to 0
  • Fixed particle offsets being affected by mob's head's pitch
  • Fixed equip mechanic not working with armor stands
  • Fixed doppleganger skill running async
  • Fixed several issues with spawners
  • Fixed biomes in RandomSpawns being case-sensitive
  • Fixed suicide mechanic being run async
  • Fixed numerous other issues



  • Updated EffectLib to 2.4

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed issue preventing MythicMobs from loading on certain 1.7 and 1.8 servers
  • Fixed sound effects throwing errors on 1.7 and 1.8 servers
  • Fixed several commands not being runnable in the console where it makes sense
  • Fixed Interact triggers firing multiple times on 1.9 (Interact triggers are now always synchronous)


Item Attributes

Item attributes now support negative values in ranges using the syntax “# to #”.


  • AttackSpeed: -0.2 to -0.4
  • Health: 10 to 20%

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Fixed empty AttributeModifiers NBT tag being applied on items when no attributes were defined.
  • Fixed issues with non-despawning mobs losing their type
  • Fixed inheritance issue switching between Location & Entity targeters
  • Fixed Slime and Magma Cubes not spawning at all
  • Fixed the ShootPotion mechanic not working at all
  • Fixed several issues with mob spawns




  • Added option “Owner”

AI Goal Selectors

  • Added ai goal “gotoowner”



NEW: Options.Repairable

NEW: Options.RepairCost


Added permission node “mythicmobs.signal” which allows players to use the “/mm signal” command.


  • Updated support for EnchantsPlus

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Improved support for Cauldron and kCauldron
  • Improved support for 1.8 and Libs Disguises
  • Fixed various NPEs
  • Set mob base damage attribute on 1.9+
  • Fixed issue with measuring distance between worlds
  • Removed item attribute related debugging code left in 2.4.0
  • Fixed disguises being set async by Disguise skill
  • Fixed EjectPassenger mechanic


Important Notice

This version of MythicMobs requires the useage of Java 8 (or later) on your servers. Not using Java 8 will cause the plugin to not work at all. This will also apply to future versions of MythicMobs.

Minecraft 1.9 Support

This version of MythicMobs is mostly dedicated to be compatible with Minecraft/Spigot 1.9 servers. We've done our very best to make MythicMobs utilize the new features given by Minecraft 1.9, for instance speaking of dual wielding, adding the new potion-effects and so on. If we've overlooked some distinctive features that you'd like to see in MythicMobs, be sure to post your suggestion in the Bug Reports & Suggestions sub-forum.

Compability with Spigot 1.8.8 and 1.7.10 remains in the plugin.


NEW: distancefromspawn

New condition capeable of determining the distance from the world's spawn point. Accepts number ranges, greater/smaller than, etc. See syntax on the Conditions Page.


NEW: BossBar

Allows you to use a health bar on your custom mobs similar to the one used by the Ender Dragon and Wither - but customizeable! See BossBar.

New Types

  • Added the Shulker as supported MythicMob.


  • AlwaysShowName: [true/false] - This will, on 1.9 based servers, work on any entity. When using servers based on prior versions it will exclusively work on Armor Stands.
  • AttackSpeed: [number] - Sets the melee attack speed of the mob. Also compatible with LevelModifiers.
  • Collidable: [true/false] - Defines whether the mob should have a collision box. Only for 1.9 based servers.
  • Glowing: [true/false] - Makes the mob glow indefenitly.
  • Profession: [type] - Sets the type of villager for zombie villagers. FIXME


  • You can now use slot number 5 to equip items into the mobs' offhand.
      - item:5


Added disguise options:

  • Glowing: [true/false]
  • Gliding: [true/false]

AI Goals

  • NEW: Patrol - Makes the mob patrol between multiple specified locations. Will only work when used on 1.9 based servers. See AI Goals page for the syntax.
  • GoToLocation x,y,z - Has been fixed.


  • AttackSpeed: [number] - Adds [number] attack speed to the mob per level.
  • MovementSpeed: [number] - Adds [number] movement speed to the mob per level.


NEW: JSONMessage

A new type of sending messages. Supports click- and hover-events like executing, suggesting commands and tooltips. Works just like the minecraft:tellraw-command! See JSONMessage.

Lightning Effect

Added the attributes “localized” and “localizedradius” to the Lightning Effect.


You can now specify the mobs' offhand in the equip-mechanic using slot “5”. See Equip mechanic.

- equip{i=best_sword_ever:5}


The shoot mechanic has been equipped with a bunch of new interesting features. It's a bunch of times more powerful and flexible than it was before. See the new attributes/options here: Shoot mechanic.

Particle Effects

All particles added in Minecraft 1.9 are compatible with MythicMobs. That includes:

  • endRod - gentle white flecks emitted by the new End Rod block
  • dragonbreath - same appearance as reddust, but different color and behaviour
  • damageIndicator - bouncing black hearts
  • sweepAttack - a sweep attack…

Potion Effects

All status/potion effects added in Minecraft 1.9 are compatible with MythicMobs. Including:

  • Glowing
  • Levitation
  • Luck
  • Bad Luck

A full list of all available status effects can be found on the Potions page.


NEW: Item.Attributes

New special field that allows to control the new item attribute system that was introduced my Minecraft 1.9. It replaces the old attribute system in MythicMobs which was based in the “Options” field. See Item Attributes.

NEW: Item.Hide

New special field that allows to hide specific text from the item's tooltip. It replaced the old “HideFlags”-option. See Items Overview to learn how to use it.

Changed Options

  • BannerLayers - can now also be added to the new shield-items added in Minecraft 1.9.

Deprecated Options

These options will continue to work, but are deprecated and no longer supported by us. Please use the new item attribute system and the new “Hide”-tag.

  • Damage
  • FollowRange
  • Health
  • HideFlags
  • KnockbackResistance
  • MovementSpeed

Bug Fixes / Other

  • Mobs can no longer add themselves onto their own ThreatTables
  • Fixed message variables not working on disguise names
  • Fixed compability with items generated by MythicMobs and Shopkeepers
  • Fixed command mechanic not working when using <target.> variables
  • Fixed various NPEs
  • Fixed all zombie types spawning as zombie villagers when using 1.9
  • Fixed various issues revolving around the new random spawning system using Action: add
  • Fixed various issues from 2.3.0

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