Artifacts - Mythic Items! [Early Access][25% OFF] v0.1.14

Add-on that allows you to add skills to items, along with other special features and options!

  1. xikage
    Artifacts - The ultimate Item add-on for MythicMobs!
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    Early Access - bugs are possible. Please let us know about any issues you encounter in the Bug Reports forum!

    Artifacts (or MythicArtifacts) is an add-on for MythicMobs that allows you to create incredible custom items, and may be the most powerful item plugin ever created. Items can use any MythicMobs mechanics or skills using special triggers, and are also configurable with many new special options and features.

    For the first time, you can now unleash all of your MythicMobs boss' skills in the hands of your players.

    Artifacts is a perfect plugin to compliment your RPG server. Countless unique items can be created using MythicMobs' flexible skill system, to give your players incredible rewards and donor perks: create swords that send out shockwaves as you swing them, Elytras that act as jetpacks, wands that call down meteors, or even fully functional shotguns. Your imagination is the limit.

    Artifacts also includes an optional Lore Stats-type system that changes how Minecraft armor and damage work. This can be enabled in the config.yml file, and will be expanded on in future updates.
    Artifacts uses the same items that MythicMobs uses. This means that you simply add the additional configs to items in your MythicMobs folder. Artifacts does not have its own Items folder.

    Skills are added to items in a Skills: block, using the exact same syntax as mob skills.

    See the Artifacts manual page for more information!

    • Create items using MythicMobs' skill system - directly in MythicMobs! Use any mechanics and even your existing skills.
    • Comes with many new skill triggers for use with players, that are triggered when the player has an item equipped or held.
    • Adds various new options and features for items, such as items being bound to the player or an ammunition system for guns.
    • Adds new item-specific mechanics and conditions to MythicMobs.
    • Allows Durability and Ammunition to be tracked in the Item's Lore for material types that don't support durability.
    • Optional additional Item Lore Stats-type system for items
    Currently Planned Features
    • Improved Manual
    • Custom Enchantments, backed by skills
    • New item options and conditions
    • New lore stats and fleshed out lore stat system
    Example Configuration
      Display: '&6Greatsword of the Admin'
          MovementSpeed: 0.10-0.15
      - '&4&oDoes no damage but makes people cry'
        Unbreakable: true
        Repairable: true
      - KNOCKBACK:20
      - cancelevent{sync=true} ~onAttack
      - effect:particles{p=tears;a=999999;speed=20} @PlayersInRadius{r=30} ~onUse
      - skill{s=BanSomebody} @target ~onAttack
    Please post any bugs or suggestions in the appropriate MythicMobs feedback forums, prefixed with [Artifacts]!

    * Proceeds from this add-on go directly to the MythicMobs development team and are non-refundable. This add-on uses features from MythicMobs and should work on all versions of Minecraft that are supported by MythicMobs.

    ** Please Note: this add-on requires MythicMobs to function (hopefully obvious).

Recent Reviews

  1. larsan
    Version: v0.1.14
    plz give same examples so we konw how to use it.
    And the permission doesn't seem to work well
  2. a0010909
    Version: v0.1.14
    "Options"within"Permission:"Does not seem to work properly
  3. a0010909
    Version: v0.1.12
    I want to add "internal" to the custom "Items "in" MythicMobs ". Some plug-ins need to determine "NBT".The plug-in cannot load items created by the "/mm items import".
  4. eduardo cid
    eduardo cid
    Version: v0.1.12
    Continue with the plugin!!! Is Awesome
  5. zhan_mr
    Version: v0.1.12
  6. Stephen_Black
    Version: v0.1.12
    1.8 version dont support
  7. HexedHero
    Version: v0.1.11
    It's good but I don't think its worth $15 never mind $20, $10 then sure at what it is right now. The manual needs updating sooooo much!
  8. croderdai
    Version: v0.1.11
    Good plugins!
  9. JJorda
    Version: v0.1.10
    It's a good plugin addon, I like it. It adds so many more possibilities to MM. However, I wish there was a way to display cooldowns for abilities.
    Such as when a weapon strikes lightning on right click, and the cooldown is 8s, it will say in chat:
    "This ability is on cooldown! (8s)" all the way to 1s.

    I have also contacted the resource owner multiple times, but cant get a reply.
  10. NOBUTS
    Version: v0.1.10
    Great plugin. I think it will be the best custom items plugin in future. Although it need more frequency update.